Contents include a thorough how-to guide, reaching youth in your community, finding and securing facilities, how to use our Brave journals, curriculum, helpful group tips, and guidelines for working with youth from hard places.

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Brave Circles - Touching Lives

We are so proud of ALL of our Brave Circle girls, the way they have grown individually and together as a group. One story that jumps out is of our friend we call Mary Ann. Mary Ann was linked with our Brave Circle through a foster family. Mary Ann has moved to several homes and after losing contact because of the moves, Mary Ann advocated for herself to get back to the Brave Circle and the stability that the circle held in her life.

Mary Ann not only attends Brave Circles, but now attends youth group and Sunday morning services. Mary Ann now has a whole team of cheerleaders behind her from the church and community. She is the most resilient person I have met and she is going to tackle anything she puts her mind to. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to host a Brave Circle and meet amazing girls like Mary Ann.